Legs on the Wall: Thaw at Sydney Opera House

Fri 14th January, 2022 – Sun 16th January, 2022
10:00am – 8:30pm
Sydney Opera House Forecourt
Bennelong Point, Sydney
Price: Free
Watch a solo performer atop a giant iceberg – suspended 20 metres over Sydney Harbour – as the ice erodes underneath her.

A striking, death-defying new performance piece is taking to Sydney’s skies.

Thaw, by physical theatre company Legs on the Wall, is set to be a visceral and raw meditation on humankind’s impact on the planet. It’s designed to be both an artistic statement and a call to action about climate change.

A 2.7-tonne block of ice will be hung 20 metres above the harbour, with the crane planted at the foot of the Sydney Opera House. Three female performers take turns perched on top, doing what they can to protect the iceberg from the elements. But it’ll prove futile, as the ice melts underneath over the course of 10 hours.

Legs on the Wall and the Sydney Opera House are also working to provide opportunities for audiences at the performance to take concrete action for climate justice. Enough Talk is a soapbox series where activists, thinkers and members of the public can have their say and make their voices heard on the current climate crisis. Audience members will also be gifted a small ice cube – as it melts, a personalised call to action is revealed.

The entire performance will also be broadcast on Sydney Opera House’s dedicated streaming platform.

From 10am to 8.30pm

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