Tekno Train at Vivid Sydney

Fri 24th May, 2024 – Sat 15th June, 2024
Central Station
Eddy Avenue, Sydney
Price: $13.90–$25.79
All aboard a techno train ride like no other. Legendary electronic musician Paul Mac has created a soundtrack for a light-filled trip – including one that goes over the Harbour Bridge.

He’s one half of Stereogamous, The Dissociatives and Itch-E and Scratche. He’s won multiple Aria Awards (including one in 1995 in which he thanked drug dealers for their part in the dance music scene). He’s a deadset legend of Sydney nightlife. And – did you know – Paul Mac’s also a bit of a train nerd.

“Trains have always fascinated me,” said Mac in a statement. “Their mix of rhythmic clicks and clacks, the screech of metal on metal, and the sound and smell of brakes are all interesting sensory experiences that everyone can relate to.”

Bringing his love of clickety train carriages and techno together, Mac’s composed two soundtracks for a series of train rides like no other.

Every day during Vivid, you can board a train departing from Central Station that’ll have a pulsing, club-like soundtrack and custom lighting that’ll match the light spectacle outside.

The Tech Express is the more hardcore version, which takes travellers on a loop around the city circle and south Sydney. The tamer version is called the Scenic Route, which is a family-friendly (ages five and up) train ride across the Harbour Bridge and down a spur line to Lavender Bay. It’s slower but no less synchronised and spectacular.

In both experiences, the lights and music rhythmically adjust to match the train’s speed and the changing landscape outside. They last 60 minutes.

Tickets cost $13.90 to $25.79. Family tickets are $59.90.