If You Can Tell A Story: Sydney Story Factory Exhibition

Wed 30th August, 2017 – Sat 2nd September, 2017
BackStage, behind Conny Dietzschold Gallery
99 Crown Street, East Sydney
With an online auction to support youth with written and communication skills.

The If You Can Tell A Story exhibition features donated work by iconic Aboriginal artist Blak Douglas and more than 50 other Australian artists.

These pieces will be up for grabs in an online auction to raise funds for Sydney Story Factory – a not-for-profit creative writing centre for marginalised youth aged 7 to 17, which aims to develop written and oral communication skills in youth.

Douglas is an Archibald Prize finalist who has his work regularly exhibited locally and abroad. His distinctive painting style uses and references pop culture to tell stories that explore social issues and stereotypes. He labels himself as a Koori visual and performing artist as he’s trained in illustration, photography and graphic design. Douglas also plays the digeridoo and dedicates time to teaching children about Aboriginal art and music.

You can bid here.

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