Sydney Skinny 2019

Sun 17th March, 2019
Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park
Price: $45
The naked ocean swim that's not about nudity.

Throw off your clothes and your inhibitions at the seventh annual Sydney Skinny. The nude ocean swim is a unique and joyous event that welcomes all shapes and sizes.

Starting from Cobblers Beach, Middle Head in Sydney Harbour National Park, swimmers choose from a 300- or 900-metre course, and select what "wave" of swimmers they'll join. You'll be provided with a special Sydney Skinny sarong as you leave the water.

Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will lead the charge, abandoning his scrubs to raise awareness for of brain cancer. His Charlie Teo Foundation, which funds brain-cancer research, returns as Sydney Skinny's official charity partner.

This is a private, fully ticketed event. Spectators are not permitted. Entries close March 19, 2019.

From 8am to 3pm.

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