Sustainable Kitchen: Cornersmith x Carriageworks Farmers Market

Sat 6th February, 2021 – Sat 17th April, 2021
9:00am – 10:30am
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Price: $75
The popular cafe and picklery is moving its cooking school to the market every Saturday for three months. Learn to ferment hot-sauce, bottle up passata, make your own kimchi, and do a waste-free grocery shop.

[Good cooking leaves you with a great meal. Great cooking inspires you to think about where your food comes from and how to use it to the fullest – and gives you a tasty meal as well. To help you find that kind of inspiration, Carriageworks has joined with the experts in keeping food local and ethical at Cornersmith to hold a series of Sustainable Kitchen Workshops each Saturday at 9 to 10.30am through to April.

Handily held during the weekly Carriageworks Farmer’s Market, they’re designed to help you take full advantage of seasonal fruit, and create preserves that’ll last all year round – all while keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum.

February kicks off with a Plums and Prunes Workshop (Saturday February 6), where you’ll learn how to pickle plums for cheeseboards and salads and make chai spiced prunes to serve on porridge or with custard.

The following week sees a Tomato Workshop (Saturday February 20) to give you the skills to blanch, peel and bottle tomatoes at the height of the season. That same day, The Kosher Pickles Workshop will initiate you into one of Cornersmith’s most closely guarded secrets - their traditional fermented kosher style pickle made using whole crunchy gherkins and flavoured with lots of garlic and dill.

First up in March there’s a Seasonal Fruit Shrubs Workshop (Saturday March 6), but don’t worry – you won’t be dealing with actual shrubs. Fruit Shrubs are an old-fashioned vinegar preserved fruit drink that makes the perfect mixer for cocktails or booze-free beverages.

The Hot Sauce Workshop (Saturday March 13) the following week is bound to be popular, thanks to a master recipe that matches chillies with seasonal fruits to make a hot sauce that’s great for utilising excess fruit.

That’s followed by a Mushroom Workshop (Satturday March 20) where you’ll learn how to preserve all those weird and wonderful mushrooms constantly turning up in the market, plus a few tricks to use up tired mushrooms and discarded stalks.

April begins with a Kitchen Scrap Kimchi Workshop (Saturday April 3). Kimchi has an infinite number of versions, but Cornersmith’s Kitchen Scrap Kimchi will teach you to take care of the odds and ends in your crisper without missing out on the traditional flavour.

The Garlic Workshop (Saturday April 10) is all about how to capture Australian garlic’s earthy sweetness through pickling, not to mention using it to make the best toum (Lebanese garlic dip) that you’ve ever tasted.

Also running at the last Saturday of every month will be a Waste Free Shopping and Cooking Workshop. If you’re looking for ways to make delicious and nourishing meals without breaking the budget or leaving a heavy environmental footprint, then this market workshop is the ideal way to learn how to shop smarter and waste less by using more.

For more information or to book tickets, visit here.

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of Carriageworks.