Suntory Premium Malt’s House x Nakano Darling

Fri 21st July, 2023 – Sun 6th August, 2023
Nakano Darling
14 Steam Mill Lane, Haymarket
Sydney drinkers have two weeks to sample Suntory’s famous Premium Malt’s – a series of beers famed for their super-fine, creamy foam – at the buzzy Haymarket izakaya.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a beer by its foam. With that in mind, in 2003 Tokyo’s Suntory Spirits created The Premium Malt’s, a series of beers known for the super-fine, creamy quality of their foam – described as “kami-awa” in Japanese.

To celebrate the beers’ 20th anniversary, they’ve been relaunched and made to an apparently further perfected recipe, bringing together pristine groundwater, diamond malt and hops grown in the Czech Republic. The diamond malt, boiled twice in mash kettles to extract as much richness as possible, brings umami tones to every drop. The beers are made in Suntory’s microbrewery, Musashino, which is dedicated to experimenting with new flavours and techniques.

Since February, Suntory has been serving the brews at its flagship bar in Tokyo, The Premium Malt’s House. But for a short time the bar is popping up in Sydney, at buzzy Haymarket izakaya Nakano Darling. Drinkers will have just over two weeks to find out whether The Premium Malt’s live up to Suntory’s claim that they’re “the best beer in the world”. The Sydney pop up is one of nine in cities around the globe.

While you’re at Nakano Darling, it’s the perfect time to try its beer-friendly dishes, including karaage chicken, gyoza, cheesy corn and udon.

From 5pm daily.

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