Sissy Ball

Sat 22nd February, 2020
118-132 Enmore Road Enmore
Price: $51 – $110
The vogue ball is bigger and better than ever – and this year there’ll be plenty of local and international superstars.

After selling out two years in a row, the Sissy Ball is back for another year at Sydney Mardi Gras. A fierce celebration of self-expression, identity, fluidity and flair, the event sees vogue houses and drag queens go head-to-head on the Enmore Theatre stage for seven coveted titles. Individuals and groups will participate in categories including Runway OTA (open to all), Femme Queen Performance, Sex Siren and Bizarre (which encourages performances celebrating voguers’ ethnic and cultural backgrounds).

Expect performances from voguing superstars such as House of Slé (led by Sissy Ball founder Bhenji Ra), House of Silky and House of Iman. Acclaimed New York dancer and choreographer Omari will judge; DJ MikeQ will be on musical duties; and Precious Ebony (narrator of Viceland’s reality series My House) will commentate. There’ll also be live performances from LGBTQIA+ performers such as Star Amerasu.

From 6.30pm.

More information here.