Shake the Dust Off Your Wings at The Galeries

Fri 7th May, 2021 – Fri 18th June, 2021
The Galeries
500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
An intriguing new artwork is on display in the CBD for a limited time.

A new artistic collaboration fusing sculpture and video is on display at contemporary shopping precinct, The Galeries, in Sydney’s CBD.

A collaboration between local artists Leila Jeffreys, renown for her bird portraiture, and filmmaker Melvin J. Montalban, the work Shake the Dust Off Your Wings is the first in The Galeries new series, Artist in Residence, which sees an immersive new piece displayed within the George St centre, alongside a curated mix of progressive brands.

Part sculpture and part video art, Shake the Dust Off Your Wings features stunning slow motion footage of Gouldian and Zebra finches. The colourful bird movements were captured on a high-speed camera at 1,000 frames per second. Screened in The Galeries on three displays, the footage appears behind a semi-circular, bird bath-like pool atop a pedestal, featuring a matte black aluminium panel that creates a water reflection and refracts the slow-motion imagery. Music is also played via induction speakers adhered to the inside surface of the pedestal, using its hollow form as the resonating chamber.

Shake the Dust Off Your Wings is presented in partnership with The City of Sydney and is displayed on the Ground Floor of The Galeries until 18th June.

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