Postponed: Seance by Darkfield

Tue 13th April, 2021 – Wed 30th June, 2021
Bay 43
1-5 Hickson Road (enter via Circular Quay Way), The Rocks
Price: $20
Update (April 12): All shows have been cancelled until further notice.

When Seance debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, some sessions had to be aborted midway so audience members could get out.

The immersive-theatre experience combines the concept of a traditional seance with 3D audio technology and sensory deprivation; it blurs the bounds of perception and reality and can therefore be overwhelming – and terrifying – for those who take part. It has toured Australia in recent years, previously housed in a shipping container.

"First, you’ll put on headphones," Broadsheet arts editor Will Cox wrote of the experience. "Then the room is plunged into pitch darkness. A voice requests you put your hands on the table.

"Once I was enveloped in perfect darkness ... I was never quite sure what was in my headphones and what was in the room. But the one variable the company can’t control is where people’s imaginations take them."

UK production company Darkfield and its Australian counterpart Realscape Productions are bringing Seance back to Sydney, but with a bit of difference. Instead of a shipping container, the experience is being held in a purpose-built space in an old warehouse at Circular Quay.

Participants will step inside the cramped, claustrophobic space, then settle into one of the old cinema seats with a pair of the aforementioned noise-cancelling headphones, before pitch black sets in. The experience is not recommended for anyone under the age of 15, and is controlled but only up to a point. Sessions run for 20 minutes.

Update: All shows in Sydney have been cancelled until further notice.

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