Sculpture Rocks

Thu 20th May, 2021 – Thu 3rd June, 2021
Campbells Cove, The Rocks
Price: Free
From the organisers of Sculpture by the Sea comes an exhibition of Japanese sculptures – including intricate knots, bright pink eggplants and a swirling ring – along the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

While the annual Sculpture by the Sea is still on hold for now, you don’t need to trek between Bondi and Tamarama to see art beside the water.

The organisers have put together a smaller exhibition at The Rocks, with 18 Japanese-style sculptures dotting the Sydney Harbour foreshore – from the Overseas Passenger Terminal down to Hickson Road Reserve.

The exhibit showcases traditional sculptures inspired by ancient Japanese rock gardens alongside contemporary kinetic and abstract pieces. Expect to find twin eggplants in a bright pink shade from Akiho Tata; a möbius strip of shifting smooth, corrugated and speckled stone by Keizo Ushio; interlocking rings from Wataru Hamasaka; and more throughout the free outdoor exhibition.

Sculpture by the Sea has a longstanding relationship with a number of Japanese sculptors, several of whom have migrated to Australia to immerse themselves in the Sydney art scene. Ushio is a veteran of the event, having exhibited his work in the show over more than 20 years. He’s best known for shaping fluid one-sided, one-edged surfaces from granite.

Other sculptors featured in the exhibition include Takeshi Tanabe, Mitsuo Takeuchi, Ayako Saito and Akira Kamada.

The event is running in conjunction with Sculpture Inside the Rocks, an intimate indoor exhibition of smaller artworks in the heritage-listed Campbell’s Stores. Work by established Japanese sculptors will be available for purchase at the free pop-up gallery.

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