The Room at The Orpheum

Fri 5th July, 2019 – Fri 6th December, 2019
Orpheum Cinemas
380 Military Road, Cremorne
Price: $17
Spoons at the ready: the popular late-night screenings of the cult cinema phenomenon are back.

Oh hi, Mark! For the sixth year running, Cremorne’s beloved art deco theatre The Orpheum is bringing back its monthly screenings of Tommy Wiseau’s widely panned vanity project turned cult classic, The Room.

Screenings of the 2003 film, dubbed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”, are a spectacle in their own right, with riotous crowds known to loudly quote along lines, yell at the screen and throw spoons (disposable only) from their seats.

Grab a couple of mates, and drinks from the bar, then sit back and enjoy the unintentionally hilarious romance-slash-drama starring Wiseau, who also wrote, directed and produced the feature.

These interactive events regularly sell out, so bookings are recommended.

More information here.