Ramen and Japanese Dish Cooking Class

Thu 1st April, 2021 – Fri 31st December, 2021
Price: $280 for two
This three-hour cooking class unlocks the skills needed to make excellent ramen at home.

Ramen is great, but it’s best fresh. And there’s no fresher ramen that when you make it from scratch.

This three-hour cooking class held in the Rosebery kitchen of Vive Cooking School – which can be booked through RedBalloon ¬- will teach you all the tools and tricks to make traditional ramen at home. Led by an experienced chef, you and your classmates will be versed in all aspects of the traditional soup – from noodles to toppings and oils – as well as popular Japanese dishes including chicken cha-shu and tonkotsu soup.

At the end of your session, sit down with your fellow classmates to compare notes and feast on the spoils of your work.

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This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with RedBalloon.