Raising the Bar – Light Rail Edition

Wed 28th April, 2021
One night, 10 venues, 20 talks.

On April 28 the City of Sydney will present Raising the Bar – Light Rail Edition, a free multi-venue event dedicated to knowledge-sharing, innovation and networking.

The night will feature 20 free talks across 10 Sydney bars, cafes, theatre and pubs along the Sydney light rail, from the CBD to Surry Hills. The event is promising a bunch of visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to discuss the trends, innovations and cutting-edge ideas that will shape our future. Names include Skye Blackburn, founder of Edible Bug Shop, author Lisa Portolan and space entrepreneur Troy McCann.

Tickets are free but need to be booked*. See the full list of venues, speakers and talks below.

Belvoir St Theatre (Downstairs Theatre)
Is Wi-Fi Always the Strongest Connection – Craig Mack, ambassador for RU OK? Day, 6pm

Jagged Love: How Covid-19 Impacted Dating Apps and Relationships – Lisa Portolan, author and researcher, 7:30pm

Strawberry Hills Hotel
Getting Businesses to Do More Good – Anne Ascharsobi, director of social and environmental impact at Xero, 6pm

Our Science-Non-Fiction Future in Space – Troy McCann, founder of Moonshot, 7:30pm

Dove & Olive
Many Faces of Growth – Kylie Charlton, managing director of Australian Impact Investments, 6pm

Fur, Flies and the Future of Food – Shaun Eislers, founder and CEO at Buggy Bix, 7:30pm

Algae and Cells and Insects... Oh My! – Skye Blackburn, founder of Edible Bug Shop, 6pm.

Our transhuman future: Is it time for humans to upgrade ourselves? – Alyse Sue, co-founder of Transhumanism Australia, 7.30pm.

Shakespeare Hotel
Sex, Lies and Economics: Is the "Dismal" Science a Force for Good or Evil? – Nicki Hutley, economist, Social Outcomes, 6pm

Do We Need More Social Media Regulation? – Fiona Martin, associate professor in online and convergent media, University of Sydney, 7.30pm

What Does a Robotic Future Really Look Like? – Heba Khamis, co-founder and CEO of Contactile, 6pm

Hollywood Making and Breaking Culture – Bruce Isaacs, Associate professor in Film Studies, University of Sydney, 7.30pm

Jazzy Cafe and Bar
Creating Impact in Healthcare – Dr Sarah McDonald, CEO and founder of Baymatob, 6pm

Future of Rehabilitation Through Wearable Technology – Behrokh Abbasnejad, founder of Intellicloth, 7.30pm

Courtesy of the Artist
Avocado Toast = Financial Stress: Demystifying Financial Literacy – Brad Joffe, head of commercial at Earnd, 6pm.

The Power of Design – Sasha Titchkosky, Co-founder of Koskela, 7.30pm

Leveraging Work Networks in the Post-Pandemic Virtual World – Julien Pollack and Petr Matous, University of Sydney, 6pm

Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Empowerment – Claire Marshall, experiential futurist at If Labs, 7.30pm

Stitch Bar
Data Changes The World One Byte At A Time – Elisa Choy, co-founder of Maven Data, 6pm

The Right Music at the Right Time Can Save Your Life –Nicc Johnson, founder and chief musicologist at Music Health, 7.30pm

More details and book tickets.

* This event is being held at a COVID Safe venues. Due to these special circumstances tickets are strictly limited, so if you cannot attend the event, we kindly ask you to take a moment to cancel your ticket so a space can open up for a fellow Sydney-sider on the waitlist.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with City of Sydney.