A Plumm Trade Up at Bloodwood

Sun 15th November, 2015
10:00am – 2:00pm
416 King Street Newtown
Price: FREE
Upgrade your glassware for free, plus get tips on how to step up your wine game – all in one day.

How many of us have cupboards filled with a motley collection of wine glasses from previous housemates, ex-lovers or spontaneous trips to chain stores? Guilty.

Sunday November 15 is the day to do something about it. Bloodwood is hosting The Plumm Trade Up, where you can upgrade your old wine glasses for a pair of Plumm crystal wine glasses, free. All you have to do is make sure the two you’re trading in match. Get your housemates or partner on board, and you could get a whole cupboard of elegant glassware happening.

Plumm is the first glassware brand in the country to make glasses tailored to different styles of wine. Of the trade up, Cindi Dean, director of Plumm, says, “We want to show people the difference that great glassware can have on your experience of wine.” Melbourne-designed and European made, we used Plumm glasses at the Broadsheet Restaurant, so these are products we can vouch for. There are 850 restaurants around Australia that also use these glasses, and we're giving you the chance to take home a pair for free.

Plumm Trade Up Details
Swap two matching wine glasses of any quality for two premium Plumm wine glasses (either WhiteB stems or WhiteB+ stemless).

Taste the difference a great glass can make at the free wine tastings from In Dreams throughout the day.

All old glassware will be melted down and re-created into a piece of art at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale.

To build your complete range, attendees can receive a further 30 per cent off Plumm glassware when purchased using the unique event code provided on the day.

The Trade Up will run from 10am until 2pm.

Broadsheet is a proud Industry Partner of Plumm.