Paper Bird “Home Cooking” Dinner

Mon 20th May, 2019
46a Macleay Street Potts Point 2011
Forget cooking on Monday. Chef Eun Hee An is serving up the Japanese and Korean comfort food of her childhood.

Potts Point bar and restaurant Paper Bird, from the crew behind now closed Moon Park in Redfern, is serving up Japanese and Korean “home cooking” on Monday May 20

Chef Eun Hee is putting on a one-off dinner menu featuring the warming comfort foods she grew up eating in Korea. Hee An is from the South Korean manufacturing city Ulsan but spent time living with her grandmother in the more rural Gyeongju, where she picked up her love of cooking.

One particular dish she remembers with particular fondness – and a Moon Park signature – is the zucchini and mussel pancake, a simple mixture of mussels, squid, zucchini, garlic, chilli and flour, fried in a pan until crisp on the outside but still soft and smooth on the inside.

The dinner will be a rare chance to try the delicious dish, which will be served alongside Hee An other childhood favourites such as gamjatang, a spicy pork-bone soup; Korean-style egg custard gyeranjjim; and chicken and egg rice, or oyakodon.

From 5pm.

More information here.