Nick Cave: UNTIL

Fri 23rd November, 2018 – Sun 3rd March, 2019
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Price: Free
Wonder and unease coexist at this exclusive exhibition at Carriageworks.

American sculptor, dancer and performance artist Nick Cave is bringing his largest exhibition to date exclusively to Carriageworks this summer.

UNTIL, a reference to the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” or in this case “guilty until proven innocent”, is an exploration of race relations, gender politics and gun violence in America, and how these all affect communities around the world.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is Crystal Cloudscape, a 12-metre-long and six-metre-wide sculpture suspended within the Carriageworks public space, made from thousands of crystals, beads and other found objects. Four ladders are propped around the space to allow you to view the top surface of the work, where you’ll find an assortment of objects Cave uses to represent American culture: Christmas decorations, black-faced lawn jockeys, birds and flowers.

Explore further and you’ll find Hy-Dyve, a 14-channel video installation; Flow/Blow where a wall of mylar (polyester film) filament is rustled by a fan causing it to shimmer and sparkle in the light; and the Beaded Cliff Wall installation, constructed with millions of plastic hair pony beads.

All throughout UNTIL shiny, pretty objects are suddenly disrupted by images of jarring violence, such as guns, bullets and targets.

Nick Cave: UNTIL will also be used as a platform for local artistic engagement throughout its three month residency, with free music and performance events, panel discussions and community forums curated by Carriageworks.

More information here.

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