Negroni Series at Apollonia

Thu 28th July, 2022 – Thu 26th January, 2023
5-7 Young Street Sydney
Price: $25 each
Airports are a mess right now, so let Negronis from New York, Singapore, Miami and Hong Kong – by some of the world’s best bars – come to you.

Negronis from three bars on the World’s 50 Best Bars list, plus two other outstanding US bars, are on the pour at sultry Sydney CBD venue Apollonia for six months. For its Negroni Series, it’s listed world-class bartenders to create five new Negronis to sit alongside its regular menu of Italian-style cocktails.

So, how many ways can you spin the classic gin, Campari and vermouth creation? Quite a few, as it turns out. Singapore bar Atlas, which has a 1300-bottle tower of gin and is currently 16th best bar in the world, starts traditionally with dry gin and bitter and dry Italian vermouth – but also brings banana liqueur, Apollonia’s house vermouth, mezcal and chocolate bitters into the fold.

Jay Khan, co-founder of the world’s seventh best bar, Coa in Hong Kong, has gone off-piste with his contribution: he’s swapped gin for tequila and added a dash of cacao husk tea. And Hayden Lambert, founder of Melbourne bar Above Board (ranked 44th) has opted to add violet liqueur to his version.

Jeff Bell, of legendary New York City bar PDT, has designed the Beetnik, which takes its name from the inclusion of fresh beetroot juice. He also replaces classic gin with tequila and includes a dash of cinnamon syrup.

Finally, Naren Young of Miami bar Sweet Liberty, one of the best bars in North America, has contributed a Negroni Bianco: gin, white aperitif liqueur and white vermouth, plus dry vermouth, lemon bitters and champagne vinegar.

The five cocktails form volume one of the series and will be available until January 26, 2023, setting you back $25 each. Volume two will see the venue showcase Negronis from five other top bars.