National Wine Day at The Marly

Sun 23rd May, 2021 – Sun 30th May, 2021
The Marlborough Hotel
145 King Street, Newtown
The inner-city pub is extending the festivities over an entire week, with an emphasis on “iconic wines we love to hate”.

Passion Pop. West Coast Cooler. Goon Punch straight from the bucket. It’s been a hot minute, and we’d like to think we’ve grown past these drinks, but some days just call for the ice-cold classics.

Specifically, National Wine Day at The Marly. The inner-city pub is celebrating the holiday over the course of a week, with a spotlight on “all those iconic wines we love to hate”.

Beyond the bevs, the decor will also fit the theme: expect empty goon bags hung from mini clothes lines for the ultimate nostalgic touch.

More information here.