Mike Parr: The Eternal Opening

Fri 25th October, 2019 – Sun 15th December, 2019
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015
The ground-breaking artist is back. This time with an immersive exhibition at Carriageworks.

Mike Parr knows how to make a statement. The Sydney-based artist works across a range of media including drawing, print and sculpture, but he is best known for his boundary pushing performance art. His piece Underneath the Bitumen the Artist – in which the then 73-year-old spent three days in a 25-square-foot metal container buried under Macquarie Street in the centre of Hobart – was one of the most memorable parts of Dark Mofo 2018.

For his new show, Eternal Opening, Parr will replicate Melbourne’s Anna Schwartz Gallery inside Carriageworks. Founded by Anna Schwartz in 1986, the leading contemporary art space is lauded for its emphasis on artists’ creative freedom. At Carriageworks, the audience will move through the space, reconstructing Parr’s 2017 performance Left Field [for Robert Hunter] and witnessing video footage of the original performance, as Parr paints the walls around them white, severing the boundaries of art and object.

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