Messina Meets PS40

Tue 24th October, 2017 – Sat 28th October, 2017
40 King Street Sydney 2000
Price: $130
Bring on gelato-infused cocktails.

The Messina Creative Department is teaming up with PS40 for a four-day sensory experience.

The creative department is serving five sweet and five savoury plates with wild flavours, and PS40 is making 10 cocktails to match them, each with an element of gelato in it. Each gelato whether it be white garlic or classic chocolate is incorporated into the main element of a dish and surrounded by complimenting flavours.

You can walk into the five-course degustation or a la carte menu or you can book for the launch, where you can expect roasted-almond gelato and porcini sandwiches served with a cognac, burnt-butter and toasted-hay infused drink.

Plates from 6pm to 10pm. Cocktails from 4pm to 12am.

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