Match The Balvenie with Restaurant Hubert

Tue 8th May, 2018
15 Bligh Street Sydney 2000
Price: 150
Learn the science behind matching whisky with your favourite foods with Balvenie ambassador Ross Blainey.

On May 8, The Balvenie and Restaurant Hubert are teaming up to offer an exclusive dinner that matches The Balvenie’s range with chef Dan Pepperell’s menu, in celebration of World Whisky Day (May 19).

Most whisky matches tend to focus on cheese and meat, and while there’s plenty of that at Hubert, Pepperell and The Balvenie ambassador Ross Blainey are planning a much broader look into marrying whisky and food.

“Food pairing with whisky is getting really popular, but a lot of the time people still think it’s unusual,” says Blainey. “but that’s why we’re here to help really understand what it’s about. Usually what happens is you get a pairing put in front of you and are told this goes with this. But you can’t always recreate it yourself. This event’s about teaching guests so they can come back into Hubert on any night and make a pairing or do it at home. It’s passing the power of the pairing onto our guests.”

Guests will be treated to a classic cocktail on arrival – a Rob Roy using The Balvenie 12 DoubleWood. From there Blainey will be on hand throughout the evening to explain the intricate details of matching whisky. “The event will be showing guests why food pairings work, and a bit of the science behind it,” he says. “Understanding what actually goes on when you’re pairing and how you do it. The Balvenie’s a very complex whisky but it’s also very balanced. Because there’s balance, it has lots of elements of flavours in equal measures. There’s no sharp edges, so you can pair it really well with lots of different-tasting food.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Balvenie’s “DoubleWood” process. Perfected by The Balvenie’s malt master, David Stewart MBE, the process sees the whisky acquire a rich and smooth taste from maturation in two distinct types of wood.

Blainey has been hard at work with the Restaurant Hubert team, training in-house whisky experts to help guests pair The Balvenie whisky range with Hubert’s menu all through the month of May.

The Balvenie’s whisky-matching masterclass takes place at Restaurant Hubert on May 8 at 7pm. Tickets are $150 and seats are limited. Book online or call (02) 9232 0881.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with The Balvenie. See more whisky-related events in celebration of World Whisky Day here.