Masterclass @ B’z

Wed 10th May, 2017
Mizz B'z Food & Wine
Shop 14, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Price: $50
Learn to tweak your cocktails at home with creative garnishes and ingredients.

Learn three uniquely impressive cocktail-making techniques to try at home in this 90-minute masterclass with Adam Bruce, bar manager at Mizz B’z. You’ll leave the class knowing how to make a shrub, siphon foam and use molecular mixology to create a cocktail. You’ll also learn tips for showcasing cocktails and how the ingredients and methods should look and taste in the drinks you make at home.

Finish the night with a signature thyme and lavender Boulevardier cocktail, made with thyme-infused Johnnie Walker Red Rye Whisky.

10 May, 4pm. Tickets are $50, call the venue to make a reservation.