Margarita and Taco Masterclass

Sun 7th May, 2017 – Sat 13th May, 2017
6:00pm – 12:00am
58 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000
Price: $100
If you can make delicious tacos and Margaritas, you’re set for life.

Impress at all future dinner parties and intimate fiestas by mastering the skill of making tacos and Margaritas at home. Guests of this masterclass will learn how to make three Margaritas from scratch, while learning the history of the drink, its ingredients and how it’s made. The chef will also pair three tacos to complement the cocktails and teach you how to cook them yourself. Only 10 spots per class are available so bookings are essential.

7–13 May, 6pm. Call the venue to reserve your spot.