Louis Theroux Without Limits

Fri 17th January, 2020 – Sat 18th January, 2020
State Theatre
49 Market Street, Sydney
Price: $141–$305
From the bodybuilding fetish scene to alien hunters, the celebrated documentarian has met some wild people.

Be it hanging out with the Westboro Baptist Church or participating in the bodybuilding fetish scene, well, let’s just say Louis Theroux has seen some stuff.

In January 2020 the celebrated documentarian and journalist – who last toured Australia in 2016 – will return for a live national tour, Louis Theroux Without Limits, taking the stage to share the experiences collected while filming shows such as Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and the film My Scientology Movie.

As well as documenting eccentric characters around the world, like UFO hunters and Las Vegas hypnotists, Theroux has tackled hard-hitting subjects such as crime and private security in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Theroux’s disarming interviewing style leads to unusual power dynamics with his interview subjects, and his earnest and unrelenting curiosity in even the most left-field topics builds trust with people who are often marginalised and living on society's fringes. (For an insight into Theroux’s interview technique listen to this fascinating episode of The Turnaround podcast.)

From 7.30pm on Friday January 17, and from 3pm and 7.30pm on Saturday January 18.

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