Lobster & Co Pop-up

Sat 3rd September, 2022 – Sun 4th September, 2022
Entertainment Quarter
122 Lang Road, Moore Park
Price: $50
Decadent lobster rolls (with a side of parmesan truffle fries) are the only things on the menu. And to drink? Nothing but champagne.

If you only do one thing, do it well – seasonal pop-up Lobster & Co has taken the saying to heart, with a menu that only serves two dishes and one drink.

There’s a levelled up lobster roll with a whole wild-caught confit lobster tail sandwiched inside a caramelised brioche bun, with buttermilk fennel slaw and parmesan truffle fries on the side. A Thai fusion roll has also been added to the menu: it comes with cabbage, green papaya and sriracha mayo, plus the fries. The bougie order will set you back $50.

And to drink, there’s chilled Pommery champagne by the glass for $20.

Lobster & Co’s vintage airstream is parking at First Fleet Park in the Rocks from August 16 to September 25, and at the Entertainment Quarter for Taste in the City from September 3 to 4, with white outdoor seating and a white picket fence to round out the experience.