Korean Film Festival

Thu 24th August, 2017 – Sat 26th August, 2017
Dendy Opera Quays
9/2 East Circular Quay, Sydney NSW
Price: $12-$16
Back in Australia for its eighth year.

There are two days left to catch a screening at the Korean Film Festival, with a program of features including drama, action and comedy.

Still showing is The Age of Shadows, which follows the Heroic Corps, an anti-Japanese organisation that existed under the Japanese colonial period in South Korea. The story follows the brutality in achieving Korean independence.

The King's Case Note is about a king and his chronicle keeper as they search for the truth of a crime that will threaten his throne and the stability of the country.

Romantic comedy Because I love you tells the story of Lee Hyeong, a songwriter, who gets in an accident on his way to propose to the love of his life. While he is in hospital, his spirit starts jumping from body to body.

Jane follows the story of So-hyeon, a runaway who is left alone after her friend disappears. She goes to a motel to end her life and ends up meeting Jane, a transgender woman who is looking for So-hyeon's friend. The two come together to search for her.

Closing film, The Queen of Crime, is about a typical Korean mum who runs a hair salon but finds herself in a much larger problem.