Kiss My Hass at Cuckoo Callay

Tue 13th April, 2021 – Fri 11th June, 2021
413 Crown Street Surry Hills 2010
Holy guacamole – an avocado-heavy menu is now on at both Cuckoo Callay locations, with avo ice-cream, avo burgers, spiced avo tostadas and more.

Cuckoo Callay, the sunlit cafe from restaurateur Ibby Moubadder, is celebrating the (sometimes unfairly) infamous avocado.

Moubadder and chefs from his venues Lilymu, Henrietta and Nour have created a menu that makes use of the iconic fruit in unexpected ways. There’s buttermilk avo chips, an avo-gato, aka avocado ice-cream served with espresso much like an affogato, and even an avo burger.

For fans of avo as a breakfast staple, there are remixes such as avocado tahini served on saj bread (a Levantine unleavened flatbread) complete with chermoula scrambled egg from Nour, as well as spiced avocado on tostadas with smoked salmon, green nahm jim, Thai herbs and a poached egg from the Lilymu crew.

The avocado-centric menu is available at both Cuckoo Callay in Surry Hills and in Newtown. If there was ever a reason to get off your hass, this is probably it.

More information here.