Jurassic Plastic At Sydney Town Hall

Sat 6th January, 2018 – Sun 28th January, 2018
9:00am – 5:00pm
Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Sydney
Price: Free
A bunch of unloved toys has been transformed into a 60-kilogram dinosaur.

Sydney Festival has brought dinosaurs back. Sort of.

Dubbed Toysauras, Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji has created dinosaur sculptures and landscapes made from 100,000 forgotten Japanese toys. Commenting on the widespread consumerism and waste that plagues modern society, Fuji has created a place where complex issues are made into simple joys.

Fuji first had the idea for his recycled sculptures after setting up a toy-swap in his village in an attempt to reduce waste and curb consumerism. He found there were still toys no one wanted. Instead of letting them go to waste he started making things with them.

Visit the free installation and ponder the state of consumerism in our contemporary society. There are also hands-on workshops for six to12 year olds, and for those over 18.