Joseph Beuys Laughing at Btwnlns

Thu 2nd September, 2021 – Fri 17th September, 2021
105 Wilson Street, Newtown
Price: Free
Knock thrice on the bookshop’s window and they’ll connect your bluetooth headphones to an infinitely looped recording of the German performance artist, remastered after being lost for four decades.

The front room of Newtown bookshop and furniture store Btwnlns has been transformed into a minimalist, black and white space anchored by a record player in the middle.

You can’t hear any music, but it’s playing an infinite loop of Beuys Laughing, a surreal 20-minute track of German performance artist Joseph Beuys laughing throughout his 1974 American tour. Lost for 46 years, the record resurfaced last year and was eventually remastered and released in a limited-edition vinyl EP.

Knock thrice on Btwnlns’ front window as the record spins and the team will connect your wireless earphones or headphones to the record. Stay close to hear Beuys’s infectious belly laughter ringing in your ears.

Only 20 copies of the record are available to purchase from the store, and Btwnlns is still open for click-and-collect. The audio installation is a collaboration with Berlin magazine store Do You Read Me, which provides a curated selection of books to Btwnlns.

More information here.