The Iron Throne from House of the Dragon

Wed 31st August, 2022 – Thu 1st September, 2022
9:00am – 4:00pm
The University of Sydney Great Hall
Science Road, Camperdown
Price: Free
Who will sit on the new (or, rather, old) Iron Throne? It could be you – when the spiky royal seat tours Australia for the prequel’s premiere.

Can we please talk about the first episode of House of the Dragon? Or is it too early for spoilers?

This isn’t a spoiler, but the Iron Throne is sporting a new look in the Game of Thrones prequel. If anything, it’s more menacing than the one we’re used to seeing: it’s larger, pointier, messier and has more swords than it ends up with 200 years later. And the new series once again asks the question: Who will sit on it and reign?

A replica of this darker Iron Throne – nearly three metres tall, weighing 226 kilograms and covered with 1000 swords – is popping up in Sydney. It already made an appearance in front of Sydney Town Hall, and next week it will be outside the University of Sydney’s Great Hall for two days, so you can snap a photo.

House of the Dragon airs on Binge in Australia and the US simultaneously – every Monday at 11am.