Ian Strange’s Intersections

Thu 24th June, 2021 – Sun 4th July, 2021
12 Marlborough Street, Surry Hills
Price: Free
View a derelict terrace house – seemingly pierced by beams of light – on your walk around Surry Hills.

Multidisciplinary artist Ian Strange has long been fascinated by the intersection of street art and his suburban background. In 2019, his work Untitled Light Intersection cut through and connected two buildings of an art gallery in Melbourne with beams of light – and in Sydney he’s done the same, illuminating a neglected terrace in Surry Hills.

Around 120 metres of large white LED beams pierce through the house like acupuncture, sticking out of the walls and into the closed-off interior. Visit after dark to see the installation in its full, fluorescent form.

It’s part of the City of Sydney’s Art & About program, which looks at and celebrates art in unusual, accessible places.

More information here.