Huge Flower Sale at The Calyx

Sat 5th August, 2017
The Calyx
Royal Botanic Garden, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney
More than 18,000 plants will be on offer inside the Royal Botanic Garden.

Just when you feel like the cold Sydney mornings are getting the better of you, here's a chance to brighten up your day with a big flower sale at the Royal Botanic Garden.

The Calyx is selling all the plants in its display, All About Flowers.

You can take home bunches of begonias, hydrangeas, gardenias and many others for no more than a few dollars; each plant will be sold for a gold-coin donation (orchids will cost $10).

If you're planning a big shop, The Calyx recommends you to bring a friend, a box, a bag or a basket as the centre is a five or 10-minute walk from the carpark.

More information.

From 8am.