The House After Dark

Fri 22nd January, 2021 – Sat 27th March, 2021
9:45pm – 11:30pm
Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney
Price: From $55
Walk through the halls of the Sydney Opera House after the lights have gone off, explore hidden tunnels, listen to chilling ghost stories and discover the spooky secrets of Australia's most iconic building.

For the first time ever, guests can walk through the Sydney Opera House after all the performers, patrons and staff have gone home.

The House After Dark is a new late-night tour filled with chilling ghost stories and tales of mysterious occurrences within the opera house halls.

The 90-minute tour starts with drinks and dessert canapes at the brand-new tours venue, followed by a journey through hidden tunnels and passageways thought to be home spirits unable to move on.

The tour runs on select Fridays and Saturdays only, and is recommended for guests 18 years and above only.

More information here.