Galleria Campari at the 23rd Biennale of Sydney

Sat 12th March, 2022 – Mon 13th June, 2022
10:00am – 5:00pm
Art After Dark at Galleria Campari
The Cutaway at Barangaroo, Sydney Wednesdays until 9pm
Grab a crimson drink after dark and enjoy a showcase featuring some of the city’s most boundary-pushing contemporary music and projections.

The 23rd Biennale of Sydney is underway.

This year more than 330 artworks from more than 80 participants are spread across six hubs around the city: the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Barangaroo, the Arts and Cultural Exchange, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Art School and Pier 2/3 at Walsh Bay Arts Precinct. Along with artists, architects, designers, a soundscape ecologist, composers and even rivers themselves, each participant has been prompted to respond to the theme of “rivus”, the Latin word for “stream”.

To this list of locations comes Galleria Campari, located inside the Cutaway at Barangaroo. A microcosm of local art, the Galleria Campari is a dedicated space featuring artworks and installations by artists Jessie French, Bhenji Ra, Carla Zimbler and Nico Nicoson. Open every Wednesday–Sunday, the space invites Biennale attendees to sip a Campari Soda, Campari Spritz or classic Negroni, pair it with a cheese plate, salumi plate or vegetarian plate and immerse themselves in the surrounding festivities.

Each Wednesday will see Galleria Campari stay open late to host Art After Dark, a live performance of experimental, ambient and new classical music from both emerging and established Sydney musicians. Kicking off at 7pm each Wednesday and curated by Sydney musician and composer Megan Alice Clune in collaboration with projection artist Carla Zimbler, the 13-week program aims to showcase and highlight the diverse landscape of Sydney music and its surrounding communities.

Performers across the duration of the festival include Alexandra Spence, a sound artist and musician who "attempts to reimagine the intricate relationships between the listener, the object, and the surrounding environment as a kind of communion or conversation" using field recordings, analogue technologies and "object interventions"; Low Flung, the long-standing project of Sydney based visual artist Danny Wild, who fuses field recordings and organic instruments with synthesized soundscapes and digital basslines to evoke the rolling expanse of the Australian landscape; Mara, a sound artist and composer creating performed pieces and commissioned soundtracks for dance, film, and installations using field recording and digital manipulation; Ry Edwards, a musician, DJ and radio host who's core music project Rydeen aims to reconfigure elements of contemporary club and electronic music through improv frameworks and experimentation; and Holly Conner, a Sydney-based drummer, percussionist, and electronic music producer who works across the pop and indie-rock, experimental, and free jazz music scenes.

There's also Del Lumanta, who looks at the "intersections between art and music through independent community processes," via solo and collaborative music and sound projects; Chunyin, the dance-oriented project of Sydney-based singer/producer, Rainbow Chan; Wytchings, a project from Western Sydney artist, Jenny Trinh who creates dreamy, film-inspired sounds evoking space and water; Loose-y Crunché aka Lucy Cliché aka Lucy Phelan, a prominent musician, sound artist and DJ who explores and expands on intersections between techno, industrial and looser experimental, ambient electronic sounds; Bocconcini, an Eora-based DJ and radio host who plays a mixed bag of anything from trip hop, to Giallo film scores, to city pop, to 2000s R&B crooners; Efp, the performance moniker of Budawang artist and musician E Fishpool; Jackie De Lacy, an artist and writer making work across sculpture, sound, image-making, and text – often about refusal and anticipation in relation to her trans experience; and MP Hopkins, who makes audio, performance, radiophonic, and textual works using voice, feedback, recording/playback devices, and verbal notation within different acoustic environments.

Meanwhile Zimbler will provide a sensory array of projections to match proceedings.

The event is free but spaces are limited. Grab a drink at 5:45pm each Wednesday and be seated for a 7pm performance.

From Wednesday-Saturday, Campari are offering eager visitors two free drink coupons upon entry to the exhibition. All you have to do to grab one is enter your details below and receive the digital coupons to redeem at the bar.

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See more details and the full Art After Dark at Galleria Campari program.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Campari.