Free French Tacos

Sat 14th March, 2020
French Tacos Factory
280 King Street, Newtown
Price: Free
They’ve been described as the “love child of a grilled-cheese panini and a kebab”.

While debate rumbles around whether these very un-Mexican parcels actually qualify as tacos, French tacos are a thing – both in Europe and, increasingly, North America.

French Tacos Factory, a grab-and-go eatery based in southern France, is bringing its version of the fast-food concept to Sydney. And to celebrate the launch it’s giving away free tacos on March 14. Get one freebie per person “until the chefs run out of cheese”.

Here’s how they’re made: a wheat-flour tortilla is filled with a secret cheesy sauce, hot chips and your choice of protein (anything from grilled beef mince to fried chicken) – then wrapped like a burrito and grilled in a sandwich press until the tortilla is crisp and the cheese is gooey.

Optional extras include raclette, brie, goat’s cheese, pepperoni and pickles.

From 12pm to 11pm.

More information here.