Flow After Dark: Pride at Hordern Pavilion

Wed 28th February, 2018
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Horden Pavillion
1 Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021
Price: $53.45
Flow Athletic is bringing Sydney a yoga class, but not as you know it.

Flow Athletic co-founder Kate Kendall will lead yoga enthusiasts through a 90-minute vinyasa-style class. The catch? It's silent.

Like a silent disco, people don noise-cancelling headphones, but instead of dancing, everyone zens out and does yoga moves. The silence is supposed to help participants get into their "zone", but still feel part of the whole as they move with one another.

Kendall’s silent yoga disco will be DJ'd by James Mack.

It happens on February 28 at 7pm, and places are limited.

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