Florence + The Machine with the Ceremonial Orchestra

Fri 25th May, 2012
Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
Bennelong point, Sydney
Price: $99.00

Florence + The Machine with the Ceremonial Orchestra is performing, as part of the fourth Vivid Sydney, in an intimate Concert Hall setting. Florence almost needs no introduction - if you've been semi-conscious you would have heard at least one of her cathartic tracks.

With vocal chords matched by few and hair coveted by many, Florence Welch is sure to blow minds and break hearts with her sky-bound, gospel-esque pop. But only for one night. The Ceremonial Orchestra, with over 40 performers, will be the largest manifestation of the Florence Machine yet. If you want to place bets on a sell-out show, this would be your winning pick.

Ticket allocations are currently exhausted, but you can join a ticket wait list at Vivid Live.