Exquisite Corpse at ARTBAR

Fri 29th July, 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art
140 George Street, Sydney
Price: $21.95
Sensory performances that would impress the likes of Tim Burton.

Tonight the MCA is hosting Exquisite Corpse as part of its ARTBAR series.

Celebrating bizarre hybridity and metamorphosis, contemporary-performance artists are collaborating for the first time to create one-off performances.

New Romance artist Wade Marynowsky is curating the event. He will layer sound, video, drawing, neo-burlesque and spoken-word performance artists.

Artists involved include Ruark Lewis, Gail Priest and Tyson Koh, programmer for music-video show Rage. The show is interactive, and audiences are invited to become part of the artworks.

Opens at 7pm.