Even & The Fauves Together At Last tour

Sat 16th June, 2012
Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Road, Annandale
Price: $20.00

Even and the Fauves are hitting the road for the first time as a duo in their fittingly named 'Together At Last' tour.

Annandale Hotel will be moved on June 16 with a marriage of rock’n’roll as these bands will put their guitars together to unveil their new records. Even will be dropping In Another Time while The Fauves will share German Engines.

The Fauves have been around since the 80's and are renowned for tunes such as Dogs Are The Best People, Self Abuser and Celebrate the Failure and Give Up Your Day Job.

Even's debut album Less is More was voted number 30 of the greatest Australian albums ever in a poll by The Age. And in this unique show they will be doing much, much more than breaking even.

Chalk this one in.