Eat Sri Lankan, Save a Life at Parliament on King

Sun 10th July, 2022
Parliament on King
632 King Street, Erskineville
Price: $50
As Sri Lanka's economic crisis deepens, Sydney social enterprise Welcome Merchant hosts a fundraising dinner to raise money for families in need.

Sri Lanka is in the depths of an economic catastrophe that only seems to be worsening. According to the UN, 70 per cent of Sri Lankan households have had to reduce their food consumption. The government has also suspended fuel sales for the next two weeks, government schools and other state institutions have been temporarily closed to reduce fuel consumed while commuting, and the country's health system is on the verge of collapse.

Sydney social enterprise Welcome Merchant, which launched at the beginning of the pandemic to platform refugee- and asylum seeker-owned businesses, is hosting a fundraising dinner for Greater Giving Sri Lanka, a not-for-profit that will use the money to distribute food parcels to families struggling with food shortages.

Sri Lankan caterer Bavan Foods will cook a two-course meal (with optional dessert), with all proceeds going to Greater Giving Sri Lanka.

The first sitting is sold out, but tickets are still available for the 8pm–9.30pm session. Vegetarian tickets are available.

More information here.