Cooking at Home With Matt Moran

Fri 22nd May, 2020 – Fri 26th June, 2020
Price: $20–$200
Step into the Aria chef’s kitchen – virtually – every Friday night for an interactive cook up.

Barbequed flank steak with chilli and coriander relish, roasted baby corn, and burrata with beanettes and mint is on the menu this Friday night at chef Matt Moran’s (Aria, Chiswick) house. It can be dinner at your own place, too, with Moran launching a new online cooking series.

Cooking at Home with Matt Moran will see the chef live-stream a cooking class from his home kitchen every Friday night, so that cooks of all skill levels can follow along and whip up a meal for four alongside him. Moran will answer questions as the evening progresses, so if your steak is too raw or you haven’t nailed your relish, you can ask him for advice. Every week he’ll cover two three-course menus, with one meal made live on Friday night and the other prepared in a step-by-step pre-recorded video, which will also be released on Friday.

Harris Farm will deliver ingredients boxes ($200) packed with everything you need for the meals, including video access and recipe cards, plus matching wines ($70 a pair).

If you are outside Harris Farm’s delivery area (which encompasses most of the Sydney basin) or don’t want the ingredients box, you can sign up to the livestream for $20.

This week, the first menu features the above-mentioned flank steak and burrata, and the second is chicken schnitzel with two side salads.

Order your box by 3pm Thursday for delivery on Friday afternoon.

From 6pm. Find out more here.