Clipped Music Video Festival

Sat 15th June, 2019
42 Maddox Street, Alexandria
Price: $23–$44
There'll be panels, awards, art and more celebrating everyone's favourite Sunday-morning music-delivery format.

The Clipped Music Video Festival is back for Vivid Sydney, with a line-up all about the art of making music videos.

This one-day festival brings together live music, art and interactive exhibitions in the heart of industrial Alexandria.

A VR exhibition will show a hyper-realistic scenario, with five players transformed into warrior women and transported to a faraway galaxy. The work will be choreographed to Chorus by French electro musician Justice.

A panel of speakers will included a number of respected filmmakers. Look out for Sing J Lee, who works with major artists including Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), Migos and Halsey. He'll be joined by Sylvia Zakhary of creative collective MAMAG Studios, musician Washington, filmmaker Nick Waterman, director Tim Main, Bondi Hipsters co-creator Christiaan Van Vuuren, legendary cinematographers John Ogden and Jane Castle, and Rage producer Yasmin Vought.

At night the festival will celebrate the best in the industry during an award ceremony, and the top 40 works of the event will be shown to ticket holders beforehand.

A live art piece by artist Spectator Jonze will light up the room during the day, and DJs and musicians will perform throughout.

More information here.