Christmas Movies at Moonlight Cinema

Wed 11th December, 2019 – Sun 22nd December, 2019
Belvedere Amphitheatre
Broome Avenue, Centennial Park NSW 2021
Price: $20 –$195
You don’t have to travel through the seven levels of the candy-cane forest to see these films under the stars.

It’s that time of year again: Christmas movie time.

And why not see the festive classics under the stars and with a bunch of random fellow movie-goers.

Moonlight Cinema has pulled together a nice selection that includes Bruce Willis and Macaulay Culkin playing cat-and-mouse with the bad guys in Die Hard (December 17) and Home Alone (December 18).

Then there's the film that divides and riles as much as it charms: Love Actually. (Google “Love Actually is the worst film” if you don't know what I mean, and then read this fabulous story.) For those who can look beyond its problems, or for those who can't but who just love Bill Nighy, it’s on December 11 and December 20.

One movie we can all agree is amazing: Elf. Will Ferrell nails the naive and loveable Buddy who, on discovering he's not really an elf, but a human, travels to New York to track down his dad. What ensues? Laughs. Here's one here.

And see Emilia Clarke ditch Game of Thrones for a Yuletide fling in new rom-com Last Christmas on December 21.

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