Carriageworks Christmas Farmers Market 2018

Sat 22nd December, 2018
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Price: FREE
Stock up for your pending Christmas feast.

The Carriageworks Christmas Farmers Market returns for the fourth year running with more than 100 food stalls from local farmers and producers.

It's an opportunity to stock up on fresh produce, seafood, cheeses and hams for your Christmas feast, or for gifts.

In addition to well-loved vendor favourites from the Carriageworks weekend markets, there are more than 20 new stalls by purveyors such as Archie Rose, Seedlip and tinned-goods enthusiasts Continental Deli.

For those who have mourned the loss of Quay’s Snow Egg, commemorate the dessert with a (temporary) Snow Egg tattoo. You'll find it at the Fink Group's stall, where chefs Peter Gilmore (Quay) and Lennox Hastie (Firedoor) will be signing cookbooks and selling merchandise.

From 8am–1pm.