Cantina Giardino Masterclass With Mike Bennie and Giorgio de Maria

Tue 23rd July, 2019
64 Enmore Road Newtown 2042
Price: $50
A one-off chance to try 11 wines from one of the world's best natural-wine producers.

Cantina Giardino wines, which are organically produced in the high hills of Campania, Italy, are some of the world’s most famed natural wines.

The low-yield vineyard, owned and run by Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola, is planted in rich volcanic soil and farmed by hand to produce organic wines, which are raised in a combination of terracotta amphorae and large casks made from local wood. They’re bottled unfiltered, with no additions at all.

On Tuesday July 23, Newtown’s P&V Merchants is hosting a one-off tasting event with Giorgio de Maria, who co-founded natural-wine festival Rootstock and now runs Italian-focused Giorgio de Maria Fun Wines.

It’s a rare opportunity to taste 11 separate Cantina Giardino cuvees – including the popular Paski, T’ara’ra and Sophia wines – in Sydney, and there are only 20 spots. So get booking.

From 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

More information here.