Campari Aperitivo Window

Thu 21st January, 2021 – Sun 28th February, 2021
4:00pm – 6:00pm
35 Barangaroo Avenue Sydney 2000
Head up to the rooftop bar and ring the hanging bell at the window – a gloved hand will shoot through the curtains present your drink.

A plague didn't stop Italians from getting their wines and spirits during the 17th century, and a present-day pandemic isn't enough to stop Sydneysiders, either.

Businesses in Italy have revived the "wine windows" or buchette del vino of the 1600's, and now the idea is coming to life on a Barangaroo rooftop.

Smoke Bar atop Matt Moran's multi-level Barangaroo House is getting its own secretive drinks window, this time serving cocktails and spritzes by Campari.

Order your drink with a waiter and they'll give you a Campari token. Just rock up to the bright red nook – you can't miss it – ring the bell and present your token. A gloved hand will shoot through the curtains and hand over your drink.

The aperitivo menu includes Negronis, Campari Spritz and Campari Soda, complemented by an Italian-leaning menu of bar snacks, cured meats, cheeses and oysters.

The Campari Aperitivo Window is open Thursdays to Saturdays from 4pm to 6pm.