The Broadsheet Table

Mon 30th January, 2023 – Sun 31st December, 2023
You can now score restaurant reservations at 17 of Sydney’s most popular restaurants, seven days a week, with Broadsheet Access.

The city’s restaurants are alive and swinging again. And at many of the hottest dining spots, reservations are booked out months in advance.

But what you might not realise is that Sydney’s most popular restaurants often keep tables up their sleeves beyond what’s publicly bookable. And for the first time, they’re making these seats available with Broadsheet Access – meaning you can get a reservation as early as next week. Join Broadsheet Access to immediately start benefitting from Broadsheet Tables. Every day of the week, you can nab tables at 17 of the city’s most booked-out restaurants, from as far out as 30 days, to as little as 48 hours beforehand.

When you sign in, you’ll see every available table across all participating restaurants in the one place – forget about hopping between different reservation systems trying to cross-reference days and times.

You can expect the very best tables at celebrated chef Matt Moran’s buzziest restaurants, such as Chiswick and Aria; all of the Bentley Group’s restaurants, including CBD favourite Monopole; Etymon’s suite of Euro-style bistros and brasseries; some of Hunter St Hospitality’s top venues, including the whole Saké family; and good-time Thai eatery Chin Chin Sydney.

For less than the price of a cocktail each month, Access members get exclusive access to Tables, free event tickets, invites to try restaurants before they open, discounts on top brands and food, and more. Join Access today.