Bright Side Roadshow at P&V Newtown

Fri 7th May, 2021
64 Enmore Road Newtown 2042
Price: Gold coin donation
Ravensworth Wines and Wildflower Brewing are looking on the bright side in the wake of the 2019–2020 bushfires, with five ales made from smoke-tainted grapes.

Smoke, wine and beer usually don't mix – but who says they can't?

When Bryan Martin of Ravensworth Wines realised that his grapevines were tainted by smoke from the Canberra bushfires last year, he was determined not to let the grapes go to waste. With help from Topher Boehm (Wildflower Brewing & Blending), the smoked grapes have been used alongside Wildflower's Gold wild ale to create a new range of beers.

Martin and Boehm are taking their five Bright Side wild ales (all with wine names: shiraz, gamay, riesling, sangiovese, viognier) on the road for tastings and events across the country, starting at P&V Wine and Liquor Merchants's Newtown outpost. The travelling roadshow aims to spread optimism and challenge wine and beer conventions by using the bushfires as the impetus for the unique, flavourful drinks.

The event involves a tasting and an information session with the pair. The entry fee is a gold coin donation.

More information here.