Boston Tea Party at Print Room

Wed 27th May, 2015 – Sun 31st May, 2015
11 Glenmore Road Paddington 2021
Price: $50
A tea party with a twist at this Paddington favourite.

To celebrate World Class Cocktail Week, Paddington’s The Print Room is throwing a party – a tea party, to be specific.

Despite the name, bartenders won’t be dumping any tea into Sydney Harbour. Instead, they will craft four tea-based cocktails paired with delicious canapés.

Three of the cocktails will be pulled from this World Class drinking venue’s signature table list, so should give you a good idea of what the bar does best, according Sean Bosman, Print Room’s spiritual advisor. “No seriously,” he says, “they asked me what title I wanted. And I chose that.”

You’ll start with Mate Green Tea Soda Pop to cleanse the palate, balancing the highly caffeinated Argentinian tea drink with Don Julio Blanco.

“All Australians call it “mate” because there’s no accent above the ‘e’ but it’s mah-tey,” explains Bosman.

Next up is a Cape Townian, based on the rooibos tea Bosman grew up drinking everyday. “It's a Tanqueray No. TEN-styled Negroni with rooibos tea-infused spiced cranberry glaze. It’s paired with a crabmeat salad and guacamole on a gluten-free cornbread.”

Next up is the Chamomile Cartel: Don Julio Blanco with barbequed pineapple and homemade chamomile nutmeg tea syrup with a pinch of sea salt and some drizzled caramel. On the side? A moreish chicken-and-cheese empanada.

To finish, something sweet – the Manuka Nashi. Bosman takes a marsala chai tea syrup and adds manuka honey, lime and fresh pears and hint of hazelnut, paired with Peking-duck pancake with hoisin aioli.

To book your spot at the Boston Tea Party email or call 0424 034 020.