Bondi Icebergs Club’s 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Sun 14th April, 2019 – Fri 29th November, 2019
Bondi Icebergs Club
1 Notts Avenue, Bondi NSW 2026
One of Australia’s oldest winter swimming clubs turns 90 this year, and everyone’s welcome to join the party.

Bondi Icebergs Club was formed back in 1929 to help lifesavers maintain their fitness during the colder months, and this winter it’s turning 90. Anniversary festivities have been planned to coincide with the recently completed interior refresh and the launch of a new Club Bistro menu in mid-May.

Notable events for the diary include a special induction day on April 28, when new members from postcodes 2026, 2022 and 2024 will be able to join for as little as $25 per year. (This includes access to the club and discounts on food and drinks.) There’ll also be a charity swim that day to support cancer patients, with all funds donated to the Nelune Foundation and the Kinghorn Cancer Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital.

On the season open day on May 5, per tradition, more than 900 members will circle the iconic ocean pool at 10.20am and throw ice into its waters, before jumping in together to mark the start of the winter swim season. Non-members will be able to watch on from the Club Bistro and the public walkway for free, or from the pool deck for an entry fee of $8.

Celebrations will continue later in the year with an anniversary ball (July 20), anniversary swimming day (July 21) and reunion day (November 29).

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